Native Orchids

Cypripedium regina

In Ontario we have over 60 native orchid species, the lady slippers being the most showy. Please enjoy them where they are. Do not pick the flowers and, above all, do not try to transplant them. The native orchids are very sensitive to their habitat and depend on a variety of fungus for their growth. They do not survive transplanting for very long. Look, admire, but don't touch or trample.

Calypso bulbosa For more information, have a look at:


Orchids form a very diverse family with a wide range of cultural requirements. Some orchids are grown very easily on a windowsill and some require great skill to match their needs. An orchid society is the place to meet other growers and get the advice to grow and bloom that special plant.

A good site for the basics on growing orchids: Orchid Growing for Beginners: The Definitive Guide

When getting advice on growing any kind of orchid, be aware of what the advisor's growing environment is like. Growing in a greenhouse is different than growing on a window ledge. The conditions in hot Florida are different than indoors in a cold Canadian winter. Growing under lights differs from on a window sill. Basically it all reduces to how much light is needed, the desired temperature range, and what the roots need to survive. The plant will eventually tell you whether it is happy or not.

Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry

AOS Videos

The American Orchid Society has a vast collection of videos on all aspects of orchids and their culture. AOS Videos

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There are many, many YouTube videos on the culture of orchids.

Canadian Resources

The Canadian Orchid Congress maintains lists:

Importing Orchids

The rules are complex and hard to track down. Up to 50 greenhouse grown houseplants, including orchids may accompany you from the USA according to this directive. Ordering plants from the USA or elsewhere, or carrying them in from elsewhere requires paperwork. For more help see here.

Orchid Pests & Diseases

Common pests are mealy bugs, scale insects and spider mites. A plant may suffer due to a virus, bacterial rot, or a fungal infection. There may also be a culture problem.

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The Orchid Board

Visit The Orchid Board "The Source For All Your Orchid Needs" - forums, club listings, events calendar, articles, blogs, etc.

Orchid Culture Sheets

One page sheets covering basic culture for various genera are available.

Culture notes from the Canadian Orchid Congress

Culture notes from the American Orchid Society

Orchid Register Search

Find the parents of your hybrid or see if your cross has been named by searching at the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Register.

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COC logo The Canadian Orchid Congress (COC) is the umbrella organization that supports all the Canadian orchid societies. Visit the website: The Canadian Orchid Congress

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The Mid-America Orchid Congress
The MAOC sponsors six American Orchid Society judging centers in central US and Canada. They cooperate with the American Orchid Society in training orchid judges, supporting the judging centers, and providing information to individuals who grow and show orchids. Visit The Mid-America Orchid Congress